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Every Step Counts

By ciaranmcmanus Mon 23rd Jan

Every Step Counts
Every Step Counts

In conjunction with Ireland Lights up we also see the return of the ‘Every Step Counts’ challenge. Please join Teemore Shamrocks in the steps challenge and help us reach the 4000km target. Please see details of how to register attached.

Instructions for registering with the My Life App:

  1. Download the ‘MyLife’ app from the Appstore or Google Play Store
  2. Register your details
  3. Tap the ‘social’ tab
  4. Select ‘Challenges’
  5. Select ‘Ulster GAA’
  6. Select ‘Leaderboard’
  7. Tap on ‘join’ & select ‘Teemore Shamrocks’

You then link your fitness app ie. Garmin, Fitbit etc to the Irish Life App as follows:

  1. Select ‘Track’ icon in Irish Life
  2. Select ‘Trackers’ 4th option on the menu
  3. Select appropriate fitness app ie Garmin, Apple, Fitbit

-Steps are only counted from the date you register on the app so please register before 11th January

By ciaranmcmanus Mon 23rd Jan

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